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Raid Leaders

Looking for a challeng?
were looking for raid leaders
you must be mature, knowledgeable,
patient,have good communication skills,
must be willing to work with a team.
honest,dependable, and willing to research
the newest raids and raid tactics!
this position will take up a lot of time!
if you are still interested contact me
on mok'nathal!

                        thanks:  jetchi

game news
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If you are looking for a guild check us out on Mok'nathal
We offer vent we have a 30 person vent system and can increse the size if needed!
We offer guild repairs to you from the day you join the guild!
You need gear or mabey a bag to hold all your loot? We have six bank tabs! 
Whats that you say the guild bank is full of high level gear but your a level 27 mage!
No problem we have all professions at 600 somebody can make you something that will work!
If not mabey a gear run can be arranged for that special two hander!

Now you know what we can do for you let me tell you about us and who we are looking for!
We are a friendly helpful guild looking to grow are ranks!
any level toons are always welcome we are tring to reach a raid ready level and hope to put are first raid group together soon!
We are looking for people that want to have fun and play the game while sharing thair experance with the rest of  the guild !
We dont care how much you play or if you can only play on the weekends or mabey your someone who plays in the wee hours of the morning thats great we need everyone the more people we have the more enjoyable the game is for everyone!  even if you just want to quest and be alone thats fine we need you TO!
So think about it and if you think you would like to try Down Time out give us a shout what do you have to lose if you don't like us quit no hard feelings it's just a game!

                 Thanks: Jetchi gm

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

jetchi, Feb 17, 13 3:01 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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